Superyacht style – Chic interiors designed by renowned designers

A toast to award-winning designers who flaunt their interior and decorating prowess on luxury yachts. We take a look at how furniture plays an important role in superyacht interiors today. Many yachting brands use renowned designers to create a soothing ambiance on decks or in cabins to mimic a real home. Here is a selection of the harvest.

Patricia Urquiola

This Spaniard needs no introduction in the world of furniture design. Her designs have won awards for the brands she has worked with. These include B&B Italia, Kettal, Cassina, to name a few.

Interior Sanlorenzo SD96 by Patricia Urquiola. Photo: Alberto Strada.

So when it came to designing a custom project for the Salorenzo SD96 superyacht, she was given carte blanche. She included brands such as Janus et Cie, Viccarbe and Cassina in the mix. The interior design covers a luxury yacht offering five bedrooms with five and a half bathrooms that literally floats on the water. She wanted to highlight the concept of indoor-outdoor living, she designed the herringbone parquet with rounded edges rendered in oak inside, which then continued in teak on the outdoor terraces.

Sanlorenzo SD96

Sanlorenzo SD96, furniture named by Patricia Urquiola. The Beam sofa for Cassina is paired with the workshop’s Table à Plateau originally designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1937. Image: Alberto Strada.

The furnishings have been arranged to provide sight lines to the expansive sea views so that one can enjoy the crystal clear views of the oceans. She ensured that rooms remained flowing where essential amenities were tucked away. She took it upon herself to create the same level of detail when designing a home. Urquiola also included a clever installation to spruce up the master stateroom and a bronzed steel and oak center staircase encased in a travertine shell to add a nod to the maritime aesthetic. The main deck offered a medley of furniture brands such as Cassina’s Back-Wing armchair and Beam sofa, the Burin table for Viccarbe and even age-old pieces like Cassina’s Table à Plateau Interchangeable, originally created by Charlotte Perriand in 1937. This collaboration with the yacht brand won him the trophy for best layout at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

Piero Lissoni

The Sanlorenzo SX76 offers a smaller scale than the SX88. The SX76 is intended to be a “social” yacht where the open spaces promote meeting and conviviality.

Sanlorenzo SX76

Sanlorenzo SX76 is furnished by Piero Lissoni. Image: Federico Cedrone.

From stern to bow, living space is maximized with an open galley, adjacent to the dining area, next to the saloon, with free movement between inside and outside, purposefully achieved via large windows. windows overlooking the sea. The decoration of the interior of the yacht is minimal, elegant and clean.

Lissoni opted for neutral tones and soft colors so that natural light from either side of the space seeps in to create a cozy and warm feel. Maximum visual impact is expressed through the pieces of furniture chosen by Lissoni – from iconic pieces by master designers to the Objet Found (i.e. found objects), the curated space comes to life. The highlight of the show is the picturesque staircase designed specifically by Lissoni for the SX76. This winding sculpture is a continuous line flowing into the lower deck, or if you wish, wind up to the flying bridge, across the main deck without any obstacles.

Philip Stark

A man of many talents, but we all know that Philippe Starck is famous for product design. However, Starck has been involved in the design of yachts, most notably the 24-meter Virtual, not to mention the 65-meter Feadship superyacht called “Wedge Too”.

Motor Yacht A

Motor yacht A designed by Philippe Starck. Image: Christoffer Rudquist.

In truth, Starck has always had a fascination with boats. Since his teenage years, he has raced boats on the Seine and even taught survival skills at sea, off the town of Marlaix in Brittany. But the incredible 119-meter Motor Yacht A is his most proud boat design for today. Russian entrepreneur and industrialist Andrey Melnichenko owns it.

Motor Yacht A

Motor Yacht A’s master cabin features a mix of cool furnishings in white. Image: Christoffer Rudquist

He was concentrating on the front of the boat, the design of which he felt no one was paying attention to. Most craft we see today have operations aft of the superstructure. Starck feels part of the excitement of owning a craft is experiencing the waves and wind of the sea. Inside the yacht, he keeps the ambience like a cathedral – a soothing palette of white furnishings and decorative items.

Motor Yacht A’s tender garage offers a living space where chic furniture is displayed. Image: Christoffer Rudquist

The opulent master cabin is the epitome of coolness and calm. The Tender Garage on Motor Yacht A has also been carefully curated with a mix of modern rooms and Baroque style furniture. The exterior of Motor Yacht A was designed not to make a statement, but rather to blend into the sea and be in harmony with the elements.

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