Lucia Dudorova, artist-architect with a unique vision.

Lucie Dudorova Architect

Architecture is one of the noblest and oldest forms of art. The New York Art Life MAgazine interviews Lucia Dudorova.

Architecture is constantly changing, and I want to be at the forefront of that change, helping to shape the world around us.

—Lucie Dudorova

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 30, 2022 / — New York Art Life Magazine this week interviewed the interesting artist-architect Lucia Dudorova. You will read the full interview in our magazine. Lucia Dudorova is an architectural designer currently based between New Jersey and New York. Her work includes a long list of projects and positions where she has practiced architectural drafting involving technology and software that can create her designs and drawings based on the work she creates, or to adapt her client’s visualization to their specific needs. His work depends on a high level of expertise and adherence to the standards of a project, as well as his relationship to the project site and all its elements.

She specializes in large-scale public projects that often explore the relationships between architecture, nature and humans. In the interview with New York Art Life Magazine, Dudorova also spoke about her unique vision and how it has evolved over the years. When asked about her favorite project to date, she said, “It’s hard to choose just one project because everyone is like my child.
His work as an architect and designer manifests and materializes primarily in one of the most interesting architectural firms based in New Jersey/New York. We are talking about V. Paulius & Associates, known as one of the most prestigious and efficient architectural firms, which holds values ​​and ideals close to Lucia’s goals, which creates an excellent work dynamic for her. .

It is very important for Lucia to successfully combine art and architecture, because she finds it impossible to create a structure without both limits. Lucia reflected positively on the experience of working with the design teams at V. Paulius & Associates on layout options and project development from the inception of an idea and project proposal to stage. where it materialized. As part of her work, she has also produced designs that correspond to material quality estimates, as well as reports that directly address descriptions of the construction progress of a particular project. It is very important for expert architectural draftsmen and individuals in the field to be in direct contact and in collaboration with the teams working on the execution of a project and/or a design. This reinforces their work and their vision, clearly impacting their design work.

She has also been active in other dimensions of architecture and has worked on notable designs for several world class companies such as Axionlog Cold Solutions, Steris Isomedix Services and Harry & David, LLC. His work with Axionlog Cold Solutions included floor plan drawings of offices and warehouse facilities. She has an extensive set of plans for the business, including escape plans, restroom plans, office finishes, and other construction perspectives. She was immersed in the experience by being able to inject her artistry into the architecture of such a large site.

When adding the new sterilization facility at Steris Isomedix Services, she contributed many similar drawings for the organization, as well as other details, including ramp and stair details exterior concrete, as well as the details of the rebars of the concrete plugs in a three-dimensional model. His most recent work at Harry & David, LLC gave him the opportunity to work on the overall building floor plan, dry storage/assembly/loading area plan and life safety plan at the ground floor. His work includes a broad and deep responsibility as these areas are used and occupied by sensitive materials and people who work with machinery. She also designed the mezzanine column grid layout for the mezzanine platform and shipping start-up equipment at Harry & David, LLC.

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