12 reasons why you should drink natural wine

Many recommendations for food and wine pairings consist of classic and familiar combinations. Steak and Cabernet Napa, oysters and champagne, blue cheese and port – these pairings are delicious for a reason. Nevertheless, they can sometimes seem rigid, that you really feel constrained in practice.

Natural wines, on the other hand, have many qualities that make them table-friendly. MYSA Natural Wine simplifies the options with a compilation of suggestions based on an endless array of proteins, starches, vegetables and seasonings. The source also outlines a number of relevant characteristics, including grape varieties, fermentation styles, skin contact and age, so consumers can make their own choices.

In a conversation with maapilim, the owner of the natural winery Ramon Jané Garriga attributed the freshness of the wine to its ability to accompany lighter dishes, in particular due to its fruity and very acidic nature. Meanwhile, Dante DeCicco of The Natural Wine Shoppe explained to Italian food that many of the unique characteristics of natural wines make them well suited to particular dishes. He cites orange wine and seafood as a delicious couple, pointing out that he not only drinks these wines, but also cooks with them.

The fact that natural wines are generally lower in alcohol makes them easier to pair with a wider range of preparations. For instance, spicy foods are intensified with tannin, oak and high alcohol, factors not usually associated with natural wine. Your red gurgling? A chilled drink might be the perfect match for this spicy chicken dish.

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