International Wire Group launches new e-commerce store

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Based in Camden, New York, International Wire Group (IWG) is the largest non-vertically integrated manufacturer of copper and copper alloy wire products in the United States. International Wire offers bare copper, tinned, nickel-plated and silver-plated wires and braids, stainless steel braids, as well as special alloy conductors and custom cabling services, such as braided cables with various metallic or textile materials.

International Wire recently announced the launch of International Wire Cable Services (IWCS), a new business unit and online store for ground wires, busbar wires, braids, and more. While International Wire historically supplied wire in large quantities, the IWCS online store now offers wire products in a variety of standard small packages (by length or weight), as well as products cut to specific lengths required by customers. Their engineers and customer service experts help customers with standard and custom requests.

Through IWCS, International Wire Group is proud to meet the needs of its small customers and offer easy online payment using a credit card on its website. IWCS keeps popular wire and braid sizes in stock, allowing products to ship within one day. International Wire is a manufacturer, so they control the entire process from production to shipping, and they guarantee the quality of their wire.

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Here are the products currently available on the online store:

solid copper wire

International Wire offers both bare copper wire and tinned copper wire. Tinned copper wire has a thin layer of tin which protects the wire from oxidation and corrosion.

Tubular and flat braids

Customers can also purchase tinned copper flat braids, tinned copper tubular braids and stainless steel tubular braids. The application defines whether to choose flat or tubular braid construction.

To learn more about these and other products made by International Wire, visit their cable services web page.

This article was sponsored by International Wire Group, a non-vertically integrated manufacturer of copper wire and copper alloys.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of International Wire Group

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