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City commercial building permits are listed by owner, tenant or building name. This weekly update lists new commercial construction, expansions and additions over $50,000. Job descriptions are described where indicated.

The information comes from the initial requests and is subject to change. The dollar amount is the assessment listed by the city of Tulsa.

21-105768 – Senor Pablos/Williams Tower, 101 E. Second St., alteration (finish food tenant space that was part of parental permit. Vendor #3, interior walls added), $146,579.

22-108682 — Cultivation facility, 4814 E. Mohawk Blvd., modification (change of occupancy, addition of emergency lighting and exit signs), $559,494.

21-106276 – Saffa Prep Pharmacy, 8004 S. Sheridan Road, alteration (party wall to create two tenant spaces, improvements to current pharmacy location), $479,240.

21-106853 – Edison Preparatory High School, 2906 E. 41st St., alteration (remodeling of existing courtyard to cafeteria), $558,446.

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21-106601 – Edison Preparatory High School, 2906 E. 41st St., alteration (remodel existing cafeteria, replace snack bar and ROTC rooms), $2,945,652.

21-106599 — Community Health Connection, 12020 E. 31st St., addition (addition of a freestanding awning over an existing concrete slab), $179,628.

22-111388 — QuikTrip #91, 9111 S. Mingo Road, transformation (modifications to the layout and equipment of the existing full-service counter, sales room and control kiosk), $175,392.

22-110254 — QuikTrip #84, 4030 S. Garnett Road, Alteration (modifications to layout and equipment of existing full service counter, sales floor and checkout kiosk), $175,392.

22-109544 – Huff Operations, 1253 N. Garnett Road, alteration (addition of suite and door), $2,016,861.

21-106273 — Green Meds Plus, 2912 S. Yale Ave., modification, $375,338.

22-109107 — Pella windows and doors, 7030 S. Lewis Ave., alteration, $1,098,397.

21-106558 – Hawthorne Elementary School, 1105 E. 33rd St., alteration (interior renovation), $11,215,253.

22-112232 — Saint Francis, 6161 S. Yale Ave., modification priority, $970,230.

22-110428 — Milan Laser Hair Removal, 7374 S. Olympia Ave., Alteration (interior remodeling of tenant space for proposed business office), $215,016.

22-109312 – New York Cafe, 7853 E. 71st St., alteration, $343,147.

21-093815 — Walmart #922, 2019 E. 81st St., amendment, $7,310,558.

21-102875 – River West CNI Phase 5 FEMA Tornado Shelter, 1126 W. 21st St., new, $596,208.

22-112728 — AT&T/Celeris Group, 2636 E. 61st St. Telecom and Broadcast Tower (AT&T will place a temporary cell site on wheels at the Southern Hills PGA event), $588,032.

21-106811 — Sam’s Club No. 4839, 7757 S. Olympia Ave., alteration (interior remodeling of existing Sam’s Club), $4,957,552.

22-110411 – Ascension St. John Medical Center, 1923 S. Utica Ave., alteration (removal/addition of interior walls and relocation of interior lighting), $1,004,462.

22-108786 – Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Tulsa, 4627 S. Memorial Drive, Alteration (interior office demolition; exterior concrete demolition for HDCP sidewalk and ramp replacement in Bob Moore dealership), $376,278.

22-107748 — (no company listed), 415 Ave. S. Victor, parking lot (repair and new parking lot), $323,601.

22-111079 – Tulsa Hills Shopping and Dining Center, 7458 S. Olympia Ave., alteration (interior renovation), $358,360.

22-108763 — (no company listed), 5535 S. 129th East Ave., addendum (140,000 square foot fully sprinklered one-story tilting concrete shell building), $13,256,600.

22-108769 — (no company listed), 5515 S. 129th East Ave., addendum, $7,606,308.

21-101907 — Pepsico, 5515 S. 129th East Ave., Alteration (Upgrades for Pepsico to a fully sprinklered one-story shell building, including new offices, garage, and distribution warehouse including restrooms), $8,554,247.

22-109106 – Legacy Plaza West, 5310 E. 31st St., modification (add 2nd exit door and outside stair landing per OKDL boiler inspection at Mech Penthouse), $115,865.

22-112618 — (no company listed), 3010 N. David Patrick Ave., addendum (deferred submission of information to Suite 500 for building permit BLDC-086761-2021), $13,601,725.

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