A new retail and dining space for Icehouse in Lexington

The City of Lexington and real estate officials this week opened the Icehouse on Main, a new building in the city's Icehouse project that will include a restaurant, retail and office space.

The City of Lexington and real estate officials this week opened the Icehouse on Main, a new building in the city’s Icehouse project that will include a restaurant, retail and office space.

The final piece of Lexington’s long-running Icehouse redevelopment project is about to fall into place.

The city held a groundbreaking ceremony this week at 105 West Main St., where the next phase of the project is to take place. A new two-story 12,600 square foot building is expected to be constructed on the site, one that will have a restaurant and retail space on the first floor and offices on the second floor. The building is called Icehouse on Main.

The new facility will be next to the building that houses Italian restaurant Alodia’s and next to the popular Ice House Amphitheater and the open-air pavilion which hosts the Ice Market.

Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall said a group of five private partners are developing the future Icehouse on Main building. The mayor said there was no announcement yet as to which restaurant might be on the first floor, but said it would be a multi-purpose dining space that could accommodate a “high-end” establishment. range”.

MacDougall said there was a lead time of around 18 months for construction of the Icehouse on Main, but noted that infrastructure work was already underway.

The City of Lexington has long been involved in redeveloping the southwest corner of Main and Church streets, which once housed an ice cream factory in the 1920s. The city purchased the property in 2012 and in 2016 completed the construction of the amphitheater, an amenity that hosted concerts, movies and many other events and drew large crowds to downtown.

The mayor said adding the Icehouse on top of the main building would be a critical final piece.

“We’re so excited,” MacDougall told The State. “We’ve had a terrific response at the Icehouse Amphitheatre. … We’re very confident in what we’ve done there, and we’re thrilled to have another piece of the puzzle coming to downtown Lexington. This will give people another option for a restaurant and a bit more downtown retail, as well as more downtown office space.

“We’ve revitalized downtown and we want people to be there.

Main Street in Lexington has seen a revival in recent years, with a host of restaurants and bars O’Hara’s Public House, Craft Ax Throwing, Bodhi Thai Dining, Nicky’s Pizzeria, Keg Cowboy, Alodia’s and O’Hara’s Bakery Cafe, to name a few now lining the street. Plans are also underway to set up the Navy Yard Biergarten and Restaurant on West Main, across from Alodia’s.

The design of the Icehouse on Main building will bring a touch of modernity to West Main Street while nodding to historic standards.

“Building features include al fresco restaurant seating in the adjacent entrance leading to the pavilion, large glass panels facing Main Street, a two-story glass lobby at the front corner with stair and elevator access to second-floor offices and French doors with balconies overlooking Main Street and the Icehouse amphitheater in the back,” reads an architectural rendering of the development. “The exterior design is intended to blend well with the surrounding historic architecture, but deliberately incorporates a more modern aesthetic.”

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