Latest planning requests from Winchester City Council

02830 / HOU, Sarah Emmins, front and rear single storey extensions, minor internal modifications, rear garden redevelopment and additional parking space in the front garden, 10 Rances Road.

Bishops Sutton

21/03085 / LIS, Peter Mills, reconstruction of a collapsed exterior wall; underlying the exterior wall; repairs to the roof structure; repair of cracks in masonry; new chipboard deck / structural flooring reinforcement, Bassetts Farm House, North Street.

Bishops Waltham

02/21/0837 / HOU, Maewyn Cumming, one story side extension, demolition of existing garage and exterior modifications, 1 Shore Lane.

02/02873 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Clephan, single-storey side extension and relocation of an existing greenhouse, 19 Hamble Springs.

Common cold

02/21991 / LDC, Richard E Morris, the building has been used as a continuous workshop for over 10 years, Stoke Common Farm, Bishopstoke Lane.


03/21135 / TPC, Jennifer Leech, Pine and Fir Removal, Highfield House, Peach Hill Lane.


02/21/703 / HOU, Zoe O’Doherty, one story back and side extension, Headley Villa, 50 Mill Road.

02/21781 / HOU, Charles Derham, reposition center front skylight, increase rear skylight width and front / rear canopy, Capelands, Uplands Road.

03/21 127 / TPO, Barry Taylor, Oak Mill, Copt Heath, Hambledon Road.

Worthy kings

02/21/0835 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Gartside, converting one level garage into one level living outhouse for elderly parent, 109 Springvale Road.

Littleton and Harestock

02/21782 / HOU, Dr and Mrs Mishra and M. Misra, single storey side extension, 1 Rewlands Drive.

02/21/0821 / HOU, Mark Welch, one-story front extension, Ockley House, Hilden Way.

21/02831 / HOU, Mme Lejette, new extension between house and garage; new bifold doors to side elevation and garage conversion, replacement windows for home, Airth House, South Drive.

02/02889 / FUL, unnamed applicant, construction of six units with associated parking, turnaround space, landscaping and private amenity space, following demolition of existing unit, Tree House, 4 Larg Drive.

New Alresford

03/21 / TPC, Shaun Barnett remove all saplings along the Hazel, Ash, Sycamore Railway Embankment, Alresford Methodist Church, Jacklyns Lane.

03/21/03143 / TPO, M. Tiplady, arboriculture, Linnets Cottage, Tichborne Down.

03/21166 / TPC, A Lovejoy, arboriculture, 4 Edward Terrace, Sun Lane.

03/2170 / TPO, Mme Pooley, prune the beech trees, 8 Les Mûriers, Station Approach.

New territories

03/21 129 / HOU, Andrew Houston, garage conversion (retrospective), 42 Laxton Leaze.

Old Alresford

02/21758 / HOU, Stuart Adlam, garage conversion, Meadow Down, Basingstoke Road.

Oliver Drums

02/02828 / HOU, Colin Burville, extension of the first floor above the existing walk-in living room to provide a living room, addition of a small flat roof porch awning at the front door, replacement of the finishes of existing sloping roof with artificial slate and partial rendering of existing walls, 1 Lisle Close.


02/02895 / HOU, Mr Wheeler, demolition of existing one story carport and repositioning southeast to Heath Road, as well as minor changes to main elevation, Briar House, Heath Road.

02/02943 / HOU, Adam Cordery, addition of three sloping dormers to the front sloping roof of the chalet-bungalow, Pippins, Chapel Road.

Southwick and Widley

02732 / HOU, Jessica Hall, one story side extension and two story rear extension, Wanstead Farm, Belney Lane.

South Wonston

02/02846 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Miles, to replace the roof of the existing veranda with a solid roof, 22 Pine Close.


03/21 / FUL, Duncan Faires, four residential development comprising two two bedroom units and two three bedroom units plus associated parking and garden amenity, land adjacent to 6 Witherbed Lane.


02766 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Percival, Construction of a Log Cabin with Raised Platform and Access Staircase (retrospective), The Birches, Hundred Acres Road.


21/02628 / FUL, ME Loisirs, installation of an extraction system on rear elevation, 56 rue St Georges.

02/02684 / FUL, Property Services, installation of a skylight access door to allow access for maintenance work to the Air Handling Unit in the main attic and installation of seven heating, ventilation units and roof-level air conditioning with acoustic screen project to minimize noise pollution from the proposed units, Citygate, Jobcentre Plus, City Road.

02/21 723 / FUL, StPaul, proposed new exterior signage, St Pauls Church, St Pauls Hill.

21/02724 / AVC, StPaul, new interior light signage, St Pauls Church, St Pauls Hill.

02/21/772 / FUL, Rupert Cook, amendment to conditions two and three of application 12/02667 / FUL, to change the boundary from a red wall to a brick wall, 11 Clifton Hill.

02/21776 / HOU, Adrian Todino, first floor rear extension and opening of the back door to the replacement main floor, 21 Wharf Hill.

02/02847 / HOU, Mark Watson, Main Floor Rear Extensions and First Floor Rear Extensions, 65 St Catherines Road.

02/02861 / FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Francheska and William Pattisson, demolition of the side extensions, construction of a new side extension, reconstruction of the existing veranda, reconstruction of two existing dormers and a new dormer, 5 Compton Road.

21/02881 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Hayward, Rear, Side and Front Walk-in Extension, 55 Teg Down Meads.

03/21 / LIS, Brendan Kelly, external and internal work includes: repainting the existing storefront; new store sign replacing the existing one; new half-timbered partitions and flooring on the ground floor; new lighting scheme, HVAC system modifications, Starbucks Coffee, 31 High Street.

03/21138 / TPC, Kim Larcombe, shot dead locust, Moberlys House, 69 Kingsgate Street.

03/21139 / TPC, Mr Larcombe, felled a goat willow, 68 Kingsgate Street.

03/21171 / TPO, Mr. Williams, remove the Portuguese laurel plants, 16 Chilbolton Avenue.

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