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Manteca Unified is preparing to take secondary education to the next level, figuratively and literally.

And it starts with the two oldest high schools in the district – the Manteca and East Union campuses.

The MUSD school board on Tuesday authorized an expenditure of $ 2 million to retain Rainforth Grau Architects to develop facility master plans for the East Union and Manteca campuses.

The overall master plan is motivated not only by an urgent need to modernize facilities and access health and safety issues, but also by maximum dollars and space with the aim of providing a solid educational offer for students. whether they are in college, preparing for a professional career or simply preparing them to enter the workforce.

As such, one of the driving questions used by the district to develop the criteria for the facility master plans was “can I learn in this space?” “

Both schools will have two-story classroom structures built to replace aging classrooms.

Rather than simply building two-story classrooms to solve a problem of available land on both campuses to accommodate up to 2,200 students enrolled in the program designed to meet the growth of the city of Manteca, they are supplemented by new libraries / multimedia centers as well as quads. and the stairs easily turned into an informal classroom that also draws adjacent classrooms to create a concentrated learning center on each campus.

Learning stairs reflect

upgrades approach

in East Union, Manteca

The planned ‘learning stairs’ for the first 2-story classroom buildings slated to open over the next year at Manteca and East Union high schools reflect the district’s holistic approach to maximizing numbers. bond voters approved last year.

They build ‘learning stairs’ which are wide and deep stairs that can be used as seats or bleachers alongside – or separated by – traditional circulation stairs.

Near the base of the learning stairs that lead to an open plan quad is a raised concrete platform. The platform can be used by instructors who can teach using it and the learning stairs as an outdoor classroom.

It can also be used for student events or just as a place to sit between lessons. The “learning stairs” themselves will have sockets for charging the devices built into them.

The Learning Stairs is an outgrowth of the District’s commitment to “learning by design” in terms of investing $ 260 million in the “A” measure bond product.

Spending on bonds is made to maximize educational opportunities in the replaced or remodeled space to the extent possible.

This includes the walkways between new classrooms such as the 10 completed at Manteca High east of the Winter Gym earlier this year using the proceeds of the latest of the $ 159 million M measure bonds as well as the district fees for community facilities.

Another example is the use of giant screen audiovisual systems in the new gymnasium at Manteca High and possibly in the refurbishment of the Dalben Center at East Union High, not only for assemblies but also for learning from the efforts of collaboration that could involve hundreds of students at the same time.

The covered passage, like the learning stairs, is designed as an open-air classroom where instructors can bring multiple classes together for collaborative teaching.

The learning stairs will be approximately 50 feet wide. They will welcome around a hundred students. They will also have a roof covering.

The learning stairs on both campuses will be near the new multimedia centers or libraries. The quads to which they also open will have a second, more traditional amphitheater, intended for students or small assemblies.

The move to 2-story buildings that offer additional space at about the same price in square footage as single-story classrooms helps conserve space usage on the Manteca High and East Union High campuses.

It will allow the eventual expansion to 2,200 students as well as the addition of vocational technical education facilities in the future without cutting into versatile fields.

It also means a tighter grouping of classes dedicated to specific disciplines to allow more collaborative teaching opportunities,

Construction of the two-story classroom building and media center at East Union will take place on the grassy area in front of the school office between the student and staff parking lots along Union Road. A new quad will also be created.

When completed, 29 mobile classrooms will be demolished.

Manteca High could eventually have a pair of two-story class buildings housing 53 classrooms.

The plan is to replace 48 existing classrooms and ultimately add 20 classrooms to bring the number of classrooms to 82 to accommodate 2,200 students at the recommended state of 27 students per classroom.

The first 2-story structure will be built along Sherman Avenue with 32 classrooms connected to a new media center as part of the first phase.

The fourth phase and beyond includes the future expansion of vocational technical education and a two-story “T” building north of Winter Gym for 24 classrooms.

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