Construction projects in Milton Area, Warrior Run continue | New

Construction teams from the Milton Area and Warrior Run school districts are working to complete construction projects for 2022.

The $ 14.1 million Milton area project, which involves renovating a stadium and health complex, is 65% complete. The $ 37 million Warrior Run project, which consists of a $ 28.8 million elementary school plus stadium improvements, is 20 percent complete, school officials say.

Earlier this year, Milton officials announced that the continued impact of COVID-19 on supply chains has delayed the project and caused school officials to use alternate locations for its sports programs. fall. The overall project is now expected to be completed by next summer, but the new stadium area is about 95% complete, said Jeff Brophy, SiteLogiQ project manager.

The stands with a capacity of 1,650 are installed with a few small details to come. Bathrooms and concession stands are also nearing completion. The turf is 100% complete, having been used briefly for a few practices this fall, he said.

“Hopefully in the spring it will be used for training and things like that,” athletic director Rod Harris said.

The turf has three layers: rubber, sand, rubber with a shock absorption pad. It will be used for football, soccer and field hockey, as well as the tournament orchestra and drum line, Harris said.

Stadium lights are installed and await final inspection and approval from Musco Sports Lighting. The athletics zone should always be set up, he said.

Upgrades include under-stadium storage, rolling doors, doors in the bathroom so they can be opened without having to open the entire stadium, a new ice station for teams and a concession area. improved that school officials compare to a small restaurant, officials said.

The visitors’ stands are the only room left of the original stadium. They were originally installed seven years ago, but were taken apart piece by piece during construction and reassembled, officials said.

The new sports wellness center will be connected to the main building.

“It’s a space that we badly need compared to what we’ve been using for 50 years or more,” Harris said.

In addition to sports and well-being aspects, it will also have a space for the Panther Pantry which will allow students to take food and hygiene products according to their needs.

Part of the plan is to allow access to the community, but those details are still being worked out. Part of that plan is to include Milton-specific light fixtures, Superintendent Cathy Keegan said.

“Our idea was to bring this downtown heritage to the school district so people can see the community transition,” she said. “We’re really excited for this.”

Warrior Run update

The planned completion date for the $ 28.8 million three-story elementary school at the Warrior Run Middle / High School complex is still set for November 2022. Crews will be working through the winter.

“We’re on schedule, so we’re at 20% (full),” said Ben Mike, construction management consultant. “We have a schedule and we stick to it pretty much. We’re waiting for the roof right now. Obviously, this is very, very important. He should be here this month.

The new 99,000 square foot K-6 elementary school will be a three-story structure that can accommodate 700 to 850 students. The school is designed to accommodate kindergarten on the first level, first and third years on the second floor, and fourth and sixth years on the third floor. The first floor includes the music room, gymnasium / cafeteria, library, flexible space and administrative offices. The second floor features a unique learning staircase adjacent to the arts and STEM learning spaces as well as the breakout rooms. Learning support and collaboration spaces are scattered throughout each of the floors to improve and support each grade level in its own classroom neighborhood.

The athletics stadium will feature an artificial turf and an all-season track that will also largely serve as the stormwater management system. The stadium will host football, soccer and field hockey games, making way for new baseball and softball fields on the old soccer fields.

The building’s steel framing, including load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls, are all in place. Insulation was being installed last week, construction management consultant Ben Mikes said

The sports complex’s completion date is summer 2022 while primary school is set for November 2022. The stadium and sports fields are mostly completed, but it takes a full year of grass growing. before it’s ready for use, Mike said.

Superintendent Alan Hack said Kindergarten to Grade 4 students will be transferred to elementary school immediately after leaving school next year.

“It will be a K-4 building for the remainder of this school year,” he said. “We will move on to fifth and sixth years later. The 2023-24 school will be the first to operate as a K-6 school. “

The November rain made work difficult over the past month, Mike said.

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