Gessner Engineering Holds Open House at Former Bowie School | Local News


“It’s a dream to see this still standing,” said Suzan Apple.

Apple, who attended school in third grade in 1969-1970, came from Houston to visit the school with his younger sister. She said it brought tears to her eyes to see the renovations and the way they kept some of the items that were in the school, such as desks, auditorium seats and wooden lockers.

“It brings back a lot of childhood memories to me from when I was going to school here,” she said, pointing to the area of ​​the school where the nurse’s office was and pointing out. remembering the times she would lie down on the metal beds when she felt bad.

One of the ways Gessner Engineering has chosen to honor the building’s past is by staging a classroom scene at the second floor entrance and incorporating images of former students and some of the artifacts recovered from the building decorations. The walls also showed the disrepair the building was in when the Gessners started the project.

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Gessner said it was important for her to keep the items they could and use them, saying schools are where students spend most of their waking hours.

“We tried to do our best to honor the school, while making it a fully functional office space,” she said. “I feel like we did a good job of marrying the two things. You can kind of tell when you look at some hallways and stuff that it was a school, but then, of course, we installed a central elevator for ADA, the central staircase for the exit; it didn’t exist before.

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