Exclusive MetallArt stairs in the four-star hotel Zollenspieker


The prestigious staircases and steel bridges with sophisticated indirect LED lighting complete the classic architectural style of the noble Zollenspieker hotel in the far south of Hamburg.

In the idyllic Hanseatic landscape along the Elbe, the historic building was extended to become a luxury hotel in 2012. Offering an excellent range of gourmet dishes and spacious spa areas, the hotel has become an attractive venue for guests. demanding customers. It is also known as a popular event venue in and around Hamburg.

Classic steel stringer staircase with a refined look

Spanning three floors, the high-end designed stringer staircases perfectly match the traditional yet elegant and prestigious architectural concept of the building. Straight flights of stairs have an effective width of up to 1250 mm.

On both sides, the bright, sharp-edged flat steel spars are 15-25mm thick and create an aesthetic basis for the entire construction. The tread steps with integrated sound insulation were made in a box-type structure to accommodate the wood cladding.

Due to the high quality assembly technology, there are no visible weld seams between the treads and stringers resulting in an overall seamless finish of the staircase.

Steel bridges with LED lighting for the aesthetic connection of the stairs

Made according to the design of the stair stringers, the steel box-structure bridges connect the single flights of the staircase. Like the stairs, they are fitted with soundproofing against footsteps.

The interior steel profiles serve as a structural support because the high forces transferred by the flights of stairs must be compensated. Angular profiles and empty conduits were installed to ensure the routing of the cables of the indirect LED lighting system.

Designer steel balustrade for an elegant appearance

To meet the highest demands in terms of design and technical execution, watermark the structure of the railing almost completely eliminates weldinging Connections.

The balusters are in double flat steel posts, who were Precision milled in the center to hold the fill bars. Flat steel brackets with threaded bolts and acorn nuts were used as baluster brackets.

To ensure the force bonding of the wooden handrail fixed from above, the handrail brackets were made from round bars with ribbed top sides. The balustrade infill consists ofs of lose weight round bars extending horizontally parallel to the slope of the staircase.

Besides professional production and assembly, MetallArt also provided the verifiable structural calculation for the complete construction of the staircase.

About MetallArt

With more than 140 highly qualified experts, MetallArt Treppen is one of the leading stair construction companies in Germany and internationally. For more than 90 years, the company has combined know-how and elegant design.

With fresh ideas and a great passion for the design and execution of projects, MetallArt plays a leading role in innovative stair constructions.

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