EDITORIAL: Non-profit organizations SC still need generosity | Editorial


• There was no change in the percentage of those who said they were short of funds, still 5% of respondents.

• Cash, in support of programs and operations, is the biggest need for these nonprofits as they look to continue operating until June 30, 2021.

• Social service organizations are most in need of cash for food, shelter and assistance for basic human needs; a total of $ 23 million until June 30, 2021.

• Employment in the nonprofit industry in South Carolina has taken a hit. Employment fell 7.5% last year.

“Government support to the nonprofit sector has been and continues to be essential for these organizations to maintain key services, especially to help meet basic human needs. Dr. Robert Kahle, CEO of Kahle Strategic Insights, said.

South Carolina people have always been generous in supporting nonprofit organizations that serve the people of the state, donating their time and money to the work of helpful organizations. As much as government assistance in the form of PPP and CARES has been and is needed, there can be a silver lining in the form of indirect government assistance through personal generosity.

Personal finance website WalletHub conducted an Easter survey that found people plan to be generous with their latest U.S. government stimulus checks, with 76 million people saying they will give some of the money to a religious organization.

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