Products and services in the economy are the most frequently and frequently discussed at the kitchen table, in the coffee room at work and online. It’s not very strange. Many financial issues give rise to strong feelings and opinions, and many would like to vent them. for an assessment

Fast loans may not be the most frequently discussed issue in finance

Fast loans may not be the most frequently discussed issue in finance

But in online forums, fast loans, sms loans, credit accounts and other credit products are always relevant. This means that those who are looking for reviews, criticism and rice / praise about individual loan products have quite a lot of information to download. The question then is how to think about the grades?

Here are some tips to use when analyzing reviews you can find online. We also provide you with guides to three of the largest online review forums.

Positive and negative reviews about fast loans


A borrower who believes that he or she has received good service, good information and a good price will give a good judgment. Tricky than that is not. If any of these three factors do not prove to be satisfactory, the rating will almost automatically be negative.

Exactly the question of good service is perhaps the most important, at least if we look at the ratings of Good Finance and Eniro. Many borrowers can accept some hassle here and there only the service is good and the borrowers feel that they can get more complicated things explained to themselves.

Anyone who thinks the service level is low for a quick loan is very prone to grabbing the phone or the keyboard. You simply have to let the lender know that the satisfaction is non-existent. Most ratings of 1 (of 5) or similar are about customer service satisfaction.

If you come across a number of very low ratings for a particular lender, this in itself is a sign that the lender’s quality leaves something to be desired. At the same time, therefore, lack of customer service is the most central point. It is quite possible that the lender maintains quality in other aspects.

How should you think about very positive reviews?


Should you just swallow the information straight and trust all or most of the others? The short answer is that a high grade is always positive. The slightly longer answer is that everything is of course relative to your situation.

Reviews are given according to how well a lender manages to meet the needs of a specific target group. Anyone who needs a fast loan of USD 2000 with a 30-day maturity and has a payment note is in a completely different situation than a person who wants to apply for a credit account of up to USD 30,000 with flexible repayment. That a particular lender gets 5/5 of all customers does not mean that that lender needs to be optimal for you.

The business concept of Good Finance is to collect reviews from private individuals and to compile them into summary ratings. The purpose is simply for consumers to help each other.

Many lenders in quick loans have created accounts with Good Finance. So on this site you can see ratings and reviews on a large number of lenders and take part in the customers’ rice and praise. Just note that brand new quick loans are not normally included.

You must be logged in to write a review and rate a service. In practice, this means that all reviews and reviews that are listed for a particular actor have been written by a customer who has taken the time to first log in and then also formulate a review. This gives a kind of quality stamp for the reviews on Good Finance.

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