Getting a fast loan without paycheck is possible. Before granting a loan, all credit institutions ensure that the applicant has a capacity to repay, and to do so requires the presence of specific requirements and certain documents, including the one that attests to the presence of an income. The world of work in recent years has changed profoundly and the number of subjects who for one reason or another do not receive a paycheck has grown: we try to understand if it is possible to get a loan without pay, who is the guarantor, what are the loans proposed by fast and the characteristics and how to do the calculation of the installment or an online simulation.

Fast payday loans without payroll: funding requirements

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As we explained at the beginning, any bank or finance company, before providing a loan, ensures that the applicant has an adequate repayment capacity ; for this reason those who want to obtain a loan must present very specific requirements:

  • must be aged between 18 and 70;
  • must reside in Italy;
  • it must not be protested or bad payer;
  • must have an income.

To make sure that all the requirements are met, the bank also expects the applicant to present, in addition to the identity card and the fiscal code, a document certifying the presence of income . When we talk about the income document, we immediately think about the pay slip.

The pay slip is given by the employer to his employees when he pays his salary. This document contains some information relating to the elements that make up the employee’s remuneration. Who does not fall into the category of employees does not receive this certificate: is it still possible for them to apply for a loan? Is it possible to get a fast loan without pay check?

There are many subjects who do not receive a pay slip and who would like to apply for a personal payday loan to carry out their project: the bank clarifies that retirees can demonstrate their ability to repay by presenting the payslip, while self-employed workers can do so by submitting the declaration of incomes. Certainly in this way the audience of people who can apply for a loan increases, but there are still many categories that, on paper, remain excluded: the unemployed, housewives, young people, students, temporary workers and irregular ones cannot exhibit no income documents and for them the chances of obtaining funding are practically nil. Unless…

On the official website of the credit institution there is a section dedicated to useful information on personal payday loans : among other things, we read that those who do not have the opportunity to prove their ability to repay (ie those who cannot present a pay slip or another income document) has the opportunity to request a loan by presenting the personal guarantee of a third party who assumes the obligation to pay the repayment installments in the event of default by the principal debtor.

The person who takes on this commitment is called a guarantor . To be able to play this role it must appear reliable and financially solid in the eyes of the bank; this means that it must have the same requirements and the same documents required for the applicant. The bank carefully assesses the credit history of the person who is proposed as a guarantor (to ascertain its reliability) and ensures that he has a high enough income to bear the commitment of paying the installments without difficulty.

As it is also done for those who request a “first-person” loan, the credit institution also verifies that the amount of the installment, added to the commitments linked to other possible financial measures, does not exceed 30% of the guarantor’s income : in this way it avoids lending to people who cannot support the monthly payment. The guarantor undertakes to sign a surety agreement with the bank; in most cases this commitment is taken by a close relative of the applicant (usually the spouse or parent), but it is not mandatory that there is a link of some kind between the two figures (although it is obviously easier to find who it assumes a commitment of this kind by searching among the people to whom you are closest).

Some credit institutions grant loans without a pay slip even to those who are able to offer solid alternative guarantees : for example, you can try to prove that you have a regular and constant income (such as renting a rented property or a financial income ) or you can propose a mortgage on a property owned. On the fast website, however, no mention is made of solutions of this type, so we can deduce that to obtain a fast loan without a pay slip, the presence of a guarantor is required . Regardless of this, if you do not find a person available to act as guarantor, you have solid alternative guarantees, before giving up your project, the advice we can give is to get in touch with a fast branch to assess the feasibility or less of the financing.

The types of fast loans without payroll: characteristics and methods of request


The presence of a person who undertakes to pay the repayment installments in the event that the applicant is unable to do so and is deemed reliable and solid by the bank increases the chances of obtaining a fast loan without pay. The loans obtained in this way have the same characteristics as those normally granted to those who present all the requisites and documents requested. The range of solutions proposed by fast is very varied: there are loans for everyday needs, those specifically designed for those who want to buy or renovate their home and those for the realization of other projects. We try to know the main features.

Credit Dynamic

This is a loan that allows you to get amounts between 2,000 and 30,000 euros to be repaid in a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 84 months. We are talking about a flexible solution, as it allows you to activate the Pay- Loss options (you can skip one installment a year, and your payment is postponed to the end of the repayment plan), Installment Change (allows you to change the amount of the monthly payment, thus also changing the duration of the loan) and Loan Reload (which allows you to get new liquidity three times during the repayment plan and after having paid regularly at least 24 installments; in case of recharging the interest rate applied can to be redefined). The maximum APR is 12.39% .

Credit Easy

It is the small loan from fast : it allows pre-paid customers who have a current account for at least six months and the active internet banking service to request amounts between 1,000 and 5,000 euros directly through the official App Mobile Banking app available for Android smartphones and iPhone. The repayment plan can last between 12 and 36 months and the interest rate (TAN) is fixed at 6.90% .

Credit Compact

In this case, we are talking about a solution for debt consolidation: in practice whoever has one or more loans in progress can pay them off by replacing them with this new loan, with the advantage of obtaining additional liquidity and enclosing all the commitments in a single monthly deadline. The amounts can range from a minimum of 2,000 up to a maximum of 50,000 euros, with durations ranging from 36 to 120 months. The rate is fixed for the entire repayment plan: the single TAN is at 10.20 %, while the maximum APR is 12.39 %.

Credit Pro

The solution designed for those who have big projects: it allows to request amounts between 31,000 and 75,000 euros. The remorse plan can last from 36 up to 120 months and the reference rate remains blocked for the entire duration of the loan.

Credit Master

In this case, we talk about a loan for students who want to attend a master’s degree after completing university. It is possible to request amounts between 2,000 and 15,000 euros to be repaid in minimum 18 and maximum 96 months. The rate remains fixed for the entire duration of the amortization plan, with TAN at 10.40% and maximum APR at 12.98% .

Fast home loan without paycheck

With this personal payday loan, you can get amounts between 5,000 and 100,000 euros to finance the purchase of a land or a house. The repayment plan can have a duration ranging from 36 to 120 months and the interest rate remains fixed.

personal payday loan Restructuring

This is the loan for those who want to carry out renovation work and intends to defer the cost over time. The amounts payable range from 5,000 to 100,000 euros, with repayment plans that can last from 36 to 120 months. The interest rate applied by the bank (TAN) remains fixed for the entire 6.50% loan for those who sign a self-certification with which they declare to use the sums obtained for restructuring operations that can benefit from the tax deduction provided by the DL 62/2013.

Then there are two other loans that do not include the obligation to present an income document and that we can therefore return fast without pay checks . We are talking about:

  • Credit on pawn – in Italy fast has 35 branches on pledges where it is possible to obtain sums of money by guaranteeing a good of value; at these special branches there are qualified appraisers. Amounts commensurate with the value of the object pledged can be obtained very quickly and no patrimonial investigation is performed. The pledged assets are kept in protected environments, but if not redeemed within the set terms they will be sold at auction.
  • fast Ad Honorem – it is the very famous honor funding, for young university students. A credit line can be obtained on the fast current account for amounts up to a maximum of 27,700 euros and for a duration linked to the period of the course of study. At the end of this period the credit line is transformed into a personal payday loan to be repaid in a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 180 months (a grace period can also be requested, postponing the beginning of the refund). It is not necessary to present any income document, in fact it is sufficient to present the registry documentation and a letter requesting the loan. The funding can be requested only by those who attend certain universities (on the fast website there is a list of affiliated universities): to apply for the loan, you need to turn to the universities for more information on the evaluation criteria.

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